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Retail-Ready Delta-8 THC Concentrates

Wholesale Branded Delta-8 THC Concentrates

Do you have a retail shop with hemp concentrates or extracts? Are you looking for the best wholesale branded delta-8 THC concentrates to add to your retail smoke shop or vape shop? 

Delta-8 THC is a popular concentrate with mild and relaxing effects, and more people than ever are looking for delta-8 THC concentrates to enhance their experience. 

Add our best-selling retail-ready wholesale delta-8 THC concentrates to your shop’s catalog of concentrates and extracts and give your customers something to get excited about!

Our retail-ready delta-8 concentrates come in labeled and branded packaging at wholesale pricing and quantities.  

Check out our wholesale delta-8 THC concentrate products below and click here to apply for a wholesale account and start adding better SKUs to your store. 

Wholesale Retail-Ready Delta-8 THC Shatter

Our 1-gram jars of Pineapple Kush Delta-8 THC shatter are a perfect hemp concentrate product to add to your vape shop inventory to increase sales today. 

Wholesale jars of delta-8 shatter test up to 75% delta-8 THC potency and feature robust tropical terpene flavors from the Pineapple Kush strain. 

Our retail-ready wholesale jars of delta-8 THC shatter are designed to preserve the potency, profile, and quality of our products. 

Add the trusted Mr. Hemp Flower brand and delta-8 wholesale hemp concentrates to your retail store and quickly boost your sales and revenue.  

Wholesale Packaged Hash CBD + Delta-8 THC 

Although it’s as old as man, hash is still in demand. Offer your clientele a diverse array of concentrates and add our high-quality delta-8 hash to your retail shop’s catalog of hemp concentrates. 

This high-quality hash is made from CBD-rich USA-grown organic hemp flower and infused with premium delta-8 THC isolate to create a perfectly cured delta-8 hash that will leave customers drooling.

Our hash comes in protective containers that preserve the quality and freshness of the concentrate. Add our retail-ready wholesale delta-8 THC hash to your store and you’ll make a lot of hippies happy! 

Get more information on pricing and quantities on our wholesale retail-ready delta-8 THC concentrates by applying for a wholesale account here. 

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