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Wholesale Delta 8 THC Flower

Packaged & Branded Wholesale Delta-8 THC Flower

Do you have a retail vape shop or smoke shop that sells hemp flower, hemp concentrates, or hemp pre-rolls? Are you looking for the best wholesale hemp products for your store? 

Start by adding Mr. Hemp Flower’s branded jars of delta-8 THC flower to your store and offer your customers something new to try!  

Delta-8 THC hemp flower provides customers a mild-psychoactive effect that is more potent than CBD and less potent than delta-9 THC. 

Best Wholesale Delta-8 THC Flower Supplier

Don’t waste your time chasing down suppliers to keep your store stocked with hemp products that bring you the profits your business needs. 

Mr. Hemp Flower’s supply chain of high-quality hemp farms and our vertical control of manufacturing allow us to provide the highest quality delta-8 THC hemp flower strains at the best prices. 

With our years of experience in providing satisfied customers with high-quality hemp flower products, you can shop for wholesale delta-8 hemp flower with confidence knowing you’re working with the best US wholesale hemp flower supplier available.  

Best Wholesale Delta-8 THC Flower Brand

Your customers will love our top-selling brand of delta-8 THC flower. The Crazy8s brand of delta-8 THC flower comes in one gram and 3.5 gram branded jars available in wholesale mass quantities.

All of our wholesale delta-8 THC hemp flower is made starting with high-quality phytocannabinoid-rich organic hemp flower, grown in states including Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. 

We infuse strain-specific, small batches of hemp flower with premium hemp-derived delta-8 THC isolate. 

Each retail-ready delta-8 jar features a QR code on its label that traces to independently verified third-party labs with a certificate of authenticity so your customers can trust the products they buy. 

To view our wholesale catalog of delta-8 THC flower strains register for a wholesale account here

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