Wholesale Delta 9, Delta 8, THCa Flower, HHC and More

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Best Selling Wholesale Retail Ready Hemp Products

Retail-ready hemp products are hemp products that come packaged, labeled, and ready for retail shop shelves. 

We offer two unique brands with retail-ready wholesale hemp products, Mr. Hemp Flower and Crazy8s. All retail-ready wholesale hemp products come by the case with minimum quantity orders, and you must be approved for a wholesale account to view pricing and quantities. 

All retail-ready wholesale hemp products include a dedicated QR code on their label that traces to independently verified third-party labs. 

Add our best-selling retail-ready wholesale hemp products to your smoke shop, CBD store, wellness center, gym, office, or yoga studio today! 

Top Quality Bulk Delta 9, Delta 8, and Hemp Flower Items

Not looking for packaged goods ready for the retail shelf? No problem! At Mr. Hemp Flower Wholesale we offer bulk items in non-branded, unpackaged containers.

We offer some of our best products in bulk like our bulk delta 9 gummies, bulk delta 9 gummies, bulk delta 9 lollipops and more.

Bulk Wholesale Unbranded Items

Wholesale Delta-9 THC Gummies – Retail Ready

Delta-9 THC Gummies are legal gummies for adults 21 years of age and older. Delta-9 gummies contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight volume per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Wholesale Delta-9 THC gummies offer retail customers higher potencies and stronger effects than CBD or delta-8 THC and people are loving them! 

We offer two types of retail-ready delta-9 THC gummies at wholesale pricing from the Mr. Hemp Flower brand, packaged and ready for retail. 

Wholesale Delta 9 Gummies

10mg Delta 9 Gummies

  • Vegan and Organic
  •  5 pack Custom Bags Or 30 Count Bottles
  • Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Flavors
  • 50mg per Pack or 300 mg per Bottle

Wholesale Delta 9 Sleep Gummies – Melatonin, Myrcene, CBN

  • 10mg Delta-9 THC 
  • 2mg Melatonin
  • 2mg Myrcene
  • 2mg CBN 
wholesale d9-sleep-retail-ready

The perfect sleep gummy didn’t exist, until now. Formulated with premium hemp-derived delta-9 THC and other natural compounds to promote sleep, relaxation, and recovery, Mr. Hemp Flower’s wholesale sleep gummies are a guaranteed seller for your retail store’s catalog. 

Retail-ready jars of Mr. Hemp Flower’s delta-9 sleep gummies contain 10 gummies and. Each gummy contains a precise formulation of natural sleep-promoting compounds including –

Wholesale Delta-9 THC Candy Edibles

Retail-ready wholesale delta-9 THC Candy is for adults 21 years of age and older. Mr. Hemp Flower offers wholesale delta-9 THC chocolate bars and lollipops that are high-quality, high-potency, and highly likely to fly off your retail shop’s shelves. 


Wholesale Delta-9 THC Milk Chocolate 

  • Milk Chocolate 
  • 115mg Delta-9 THC
  • 130mg CBD
  • 10mg CBG 
  • 10 servings per bar

Mr. Hemp Flower’s wholesale chocolate bars are made with high-quality natural ingredients and premium full-spectrum delta-9 THC from hemp. 

With nearly equal parts THC and CBD, the chocolate bars have a well-balanced effect between the calming, relaxing properties of CBD and the uplifting, effects of THC.  

Filled with creamy milk chocolate and a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, each retail-ready delta-9 THC milk chocolate bar contains ten servings per bar.

Wholesale 20mg Delta-9 THC Lollipops

  • High-potency 
  • 20mg Delta-9 THC in each lollipop
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoids 
  • All-natural flavors 

Mr. Hemp Flower’s wholesale delta-9 THC lollipops are the newest addition to their delta-9 edibles. Wholesale delta-9 THC lollipops are classic lollipop candies infused with hemp-derived delta-9 isolate. 

Each delta-9 THC lollipop contains 20mg of delta-9 THC and comes in two flavor options, a sweet Cherry flavor, and a tart Blue Raspberry flavor. 

Wholesale Delta-8 THC Concentrates

We offer wholesale retail-ready delta-8 THC concentrates to retail shops and vendors. Delta-8 THC is more mild and considered to be approximately less than half the potency of delta-9 THC. 

Customers that are more sensitive to delta-9 THC’s properties love the calming, relaxing effects of our delta-8 THC products.

Wholesale Delta-8 THC Shatter

  • Over 70% Pure Delta 8 Shatter
  • 1 gram Containers
  • Pineapple and Blue Dream

With its amazing pineapple taste, our retail-ready wholesale delta-8 THC shatter knocks your socks off! Crafted from Pineapple Kush hemp flower, this shatter is expertly made and has a very nice texture and taste. 

Each retail-ready Mr. Hemp Flower concentrate jar contains 1 gram of premium delta-8 shatter that ranges between 72% and 75% delta-8 THC with small amounts of CBN (0.4%). 

Crazy8s one-gram jars of wholesale delta-8 shatter are available wholesale by the case. Apply for a wholesale account here to access pricing and quantities.  

Wholesale Delta 8 Hash

  • 50.41% Total Delta-8 THC
  • 61.96% Total Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Potency
  • Terpenes: Bisabolol, Myrcene 

Hash is an age-old form of concentrate that your customers will recognize and love. Crazy8s wholesale retail-ready jars of CBD hash with delta-8 are made from premium Afghan CBD hemp flower. 

Wholesale Delta-8 THC Gummies – Retail Ready

We offer two popular brands of high-quality delta-8 THC gummies that come packaged, labeled, and ready for retail shelves. 

Gummies are the most popular selling form of delta-8 THC and are an excellent addition to your retail shop’s edibles selection. 

Wholesale Delta 8 Gummies

Mr. Hemp Flower Wholesale 25mg Delta-8 THC Gummies

  • 25mg Delta 8 Per Gummy
  • 8 Gummies Per Pack
  • Mixed Berry Flavor

Mr. Hemp Flower’s retail-ready wholesale Delta-8 THC gummies come in packages of 8 gummies with each gummy containing 25gm of full-spectrum hemp-derived delta-8 THC isolate. 

People love the mixed berry flavors and go through the smaller bags quickly over the weekend or when sharing with friends. 

Each package contains a total of 200mg of Delta-8 THC isolate and comes in high-grade retail-ready custom packing to preserve profile, potency, and freshness. Available wholesale by the case. 

Crazy8s Wholesale Delta-8 THC Gummies

  • 10mg, 20mg, and 50mg potency jars
  • 10 gummies per jar 
  • Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Black Cherry Vanilla
  • QR-Code Traceable Third-Party labs 
  • Retail-ready delta-8 THC gummies  

Crazy8s is our best-selling vegan-friendly brand of delta-8 THC gummies with multiple potencies and flavor options. Crazy8s bold packaging, tasty flavors, and potency options allow these gummies jars to stand out on your retail shelves. 

Crazy8s wholesale delta-8 THC gummies are made with all-natural and organic ingredients and are completely free from animal by-products making them 100% vegan-friendly. The gummies come in brightly colored retail-ready jars by the case. 

Wholesale Delta-8 THC Edibles

Delta-8 candy is selling like crazy right now, so give the people what they want! Add our most popular selling delta-8 THC candy and edibles to your retail shop’s inventory. 

We have rich, delicious Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars and Delta-8 THC mint chewing gum available in retail-ready packaging that you’re clientele will love.  

wholesale d8-chocolate-retail-ready

Crazy8s Wholesale Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bars 250mg

Made with lab-tested delta-8 THC derived from hemp, each Crazy8s Chocolate Bar contains 250mg of full-spectrum delta-8 THC in total. 

Our high-potency delta-8 THC chocolate bars are available in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cherry luxurious flavor options. 

Crazy8s Wholesale Delta-8 THC Mint Chewing Gum 80mg 

Your retail customers will love our refreshing, delta-8 THC mint chewing gum. Each package contains eight individual pieces of gum with 10mg of full-spectrum delta-8 THC each for a total of 80mg. 

wholesale d8-gum-retail-ready

Wholesale Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower Strains

Wholesale delta-8 THC hemp flower strains are available packaged, labeled, and ready for retail. There’s no weighing or packaging necessary!

Delta-8 strains are made from premium CBD-rich hemp flower and hemp-derived delta-8 THC isolate. They are available in 1-gram and 3.5-gram jars by the case.   

We have the most popular sativa, indica, and hybrid Delta-8 THC strains available online, and now you can add them to your retail shelves. 

wholesale d8-hemp-flower-retail-ready

Mr. Hemp Flower Wholesale Delta 8 Flower- Retail Ready

Wholesale CBF Flower

Mr. Hemp Flower is the internet’s leading hemp-flower brand. Adding our retail-ready wholesale CBD flower strain to your shop or store means adding a trusted, well-known, and loved CBD flower brand to your customers. 

Wholesale CBD Hemp Flower Strains come from licensed American hemp farmers in the best states for cultivating hemp flower such as Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. They are always fresh and each jar comes with dedicated third-party labs. 

wholesale hemp-flower-retail-ready

Mr. Hemp Flower Wholesale CBD Flower 

  • USA-Grown Organic CBD Hemp Flower 
  • Top-Selling CBD Strains
  • Third-Party Labs
  • Branded, Labeled Retail-Ready
  • 1-gram retail jars
  • 3.5-gram retail jars
  • 7-gram retail packages

Bulk Item Wholesale Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC Products – Unbranded

Bulk Wholesale Unbranded Items

Best-Selling Bulk Delta 9, Delta 8 THC Product SKUs 

Get the top-selling hemp products in bulk, unbranded mass quantities at wholesale pricing by applying for a wholesale account here

No packaging, branding, or labels are included with bulk hemp products, making our wholesale bulk hemp products the solution for starting a new brand of hemp-based gummies, edibles, concentrates, or other forms.

Our premium cannabinoid bulk products are 100% derived from hemp, manufactured in the USA, and sourced from licensed American organic hemp farmers.

We control 100% of the manufacturing process, which allows us to not only provide the best value wholesale price but also to oversee quality control at every step in the process. 

All raw, bulk hemp products come with independently verified third-party labs to verify purity and potency and are tested to be free from unwanted contaminants or chemicals.  

Bulk hemp products are shipped in commercial-grade packaging and containers to preserve quality, potency, and freshness. Check out our bulk unbranded wholesale hemp product categories below.

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale CBD Hemp Flower 

Our network of licensed American hemp farmers in states including Washington, Colorado, and Oregon supply our bulk hemp flower business with high-quality CBD flower strains. 

Our supply chain provides consistent, high-quality strain-specific harvests that are rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes. 

That means that when your customers discover a strain they love, it will have a consistent effect and flavor profile every time they buy it. 

  • USA-Grown Organic CBD Hemp Flower Strains
  • Bulk Wholesale High-Quality CBD Flower Strains
  • Wholesale Prices Starting at Quarter Pounds
  • Indicas, Sativas, Hybrid Hemp Strains
  • Top-Selling CBD Strains: Northern Lights, Green Goblin, Hawaiian Haze, and more
  • Third-Party Labs 

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale Delta-9 THC Gummies 

Bring more revenue to your retail shop by starting a new line of delta-9 THC gummies. In unbranded, bulk mass quantities we offer regular D9 gummies and D9 sleep gummies formulated with melatonin. 

Delta-9 THC gummies are legal gummies that you can sell without a license or prescription. They are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and regulated similarly to other CBD hemp products. 

Customers love hemp gummies because they provide a legal smoke-free high and because they are tasty edible alternatives to smoking hemp flower. 

Bulk delta-9 THC gummies ship in unbranded, commercial-grade bulk containers that preserve the potency, flavor, and profile. Check out our bulk delta-9 THC gummies options below!

Delta-9 THC gummies never tasted so good! Made with all-natural flavors and premium delta-9 THC derived from hemp, our delta-9 gummies are the tastiest and most effective hemp gummies available. 


Bulk Sleep Gummies With Delta-9 THC + Melatonin + CBN

For our customers that need extra help with sleep, we crafted our extra-strength sleep gummies. They are the same as our flagship delta-9 THC gummies with added melatonin and CBN. 

Melatonin, myrcene terpenes and CBN synergize together to create an irresistible urge to rest and sleep. These are the perfect solution for a start-up sleep gummy brand or adding a new line of gummies to your existing brand.

Wholesale bulk D9-sleep gummies
  • 10mg Delta-9 THC
  • 2mg Melatonin
  • 2mg Myrcene
  • 2mg CBN(cannabinol extract)

Apply for a wholesale account here to view wholesale pricing and quantities for bulk delta-9 THC gummies and sleep gummies. 

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale Delta-9 THC Candy Edibles

Among the top-selling wholesale hemp products in 2022 are the new delta-9 THC candy products available to retail shops, smoke shops, and CBD shops.

We offer two distinct and delicious types of delta-9 THC edible candies available in bulk wholesale quantities that we know your customers will love. 

Made with our premium hemp-derived delta-9 THC extract and all-natural high-quality ingredients, our delta-9 THC candy products set the bar for the best wholesale THC candies. 

Bulk Delta-9 THC Chocolate Bar Edibles 

Delta-9 THC Chocolate Bar edibles have rich, chocolatey essence and a balanced full-spectrum effect that’s guaranteed to provide relief and relaxation. 

People love our delta-9 THC chocolate bars because of the potent, well-balanced blend of CBD, THC, and CBG. They have a powerful effect that is grounded out by the CBD and CBG cannabinoids. 


Bulk wholesale delta-9 THC chocolate bars are formulated for stability, quality, and effect. They ship in bulk quantities without labels or branding. Apply for a wholesale account here to inquire about ordering, pricing, and quantities.

bulk d9-pops-bulk-no-brand

Bulk 20mg Delta-9 THC Lollipops 

Delta-9 THC lollipops are the newest trending hemp product available in 2022. Our bulk wholesale unbranded delta-9 THC lollipops are high-potency and come in two tasty flavor options.

Our 20mg delta-9 THC lollipops are practically selling themselves. Start up your new brand or add a line of delta-9 THC candy to your existing brand with our new bulk delta-9 THC lollies. 

Bulk delta-9 THC lollipops ship with unbranded wrapper and no label in mass quantities. Apply for a wholesale account here to make inquiries, view flavor options, pricing, and quantities

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale Delta-8 THC Gummies 

Wholesale, unbranded bulk Delta-8 THC Gummies are available in three potencies and three distinct flavors. They come in commercial-grade bulk containers and are not packaged or labeled.  

Bulk wholesale delta-8 gummies are completely vegan-friendly which means they contain no animal by-products. Made with organic ingredients and all-natural flavors, these bulk delta-8 gummies are among our top-selling wholesale products. 

Apply for a wholesale account here to see bulk delta-8 THC gummies pricing.

  • 20 or 50mg Delta 8 Gummies
  • Three Tasty Flavors: Passion Fruit, Green Apple, Black Cherry
  • All-natural ingredients
  • 100% Organic & Vegan-Friendly 

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale Delta-8 THC Soft Gels

Delta-8 THC soft gel capsules are available in wholesale bulk quantities. The ready-to-brand delta-8 soft gels capsules are shipped in commercial grade containers to preserve quality and come unpackaged and unlabeled. 

Bulk delta-8 soft gels come with 30mg of premium hemp-derived delta-8 THC in each capsule. Soft gels are great for people who don’t like edibles, smoking, or oils. 

Apply for a wholesale account here to see 30mg delta-8 THC soft gel capsules bulk wholesale pricing  

Bulk D8 Gummies
  • Pure Delta 8 Distillate
  • Made In USA
  • Quick Dissolving Gel Capsule
  • No branding, Packaging, or Labels
  • 30mg Delta 8 THC per Capsule

Bulk Unbranded Wholesale Delta 8-THC Flower Strains 

We offer high-quality delta-8 THC hemp flower strains ready to brand, package, and retail. We have the best-selling delta-8 strains, including Northern Lights, Green Goblin, Crunchberries, and more. 

All bulk wholesale delta-8 THC strains are stored and shipped in commercial-grade mylar bags that preserve the flower’s profile, potency, and flavor. All bulk wholesale delta-8 THC hemp flower strains come unpackaged and unlabeled. 


Create Wholesale Account with Mr. Hemp Flower 

Applying for a wholesale account with Mr. Hemp Flower is fast, simple, and easy. 

  1. Create a user account here and log in
  2. Complete and submit a wholesale application
  3. Account approval and wholesale shop access

Once you’ve created your user account. Log in and apply for a wholesale account by filling out the wholesale account application. 

Mr. Hemp Flower will review your application and get back to you with a notice of approval or denial. 

If approved for a wholesale application, you’ll have access to log in to the Mr. Hemp Flower wholesale shop and order bulk, unpackaged and retail-ready hemp products.

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