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Bulk Delta-8 THC Hemp Flower

Delta 8  Hemp Flower

Welcome! Browse and shop the top-selling wholesale bulk delta-8 THC strains available online. All of our delta-8 strains are available by quarter pounds and pounds. 

Where does bulk delta-8 THC hemp flower come from? Mr. Hemp Flower’s delta-8 strains are sourced from the best climate regions for growing hemp such as Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. 

Our bulk delta-8 strains start with high-quality CBD-rich hemp flower freshly harvested from licensed American hemp farmers and premium hemp-derived delta-8 THC isolate. 

How is bulk delta-8 THC hemp flower made? We evenly infuse delta-8 THC isolate from hemp into small batches of high-quality CBD flower to craft smooth smoking strains that have 10% delta-8 THC potency alongside a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.  

How does bulk delta-8 THC hemp flower ship? Delta-8 THC flower ships in commercial-grade mylar bags that protect and preserve the flower's quality, freshness, flavor, and potency. 

Each package of bulk delta-8 THC flower comes with independently verified third-party labs to ensure potency and profile. 

We take every measure to ensure that the quality of our delta-8 THC strains is preserved at each point from harvest to the packaging of your order. 

  • USA-Grown Organic Hemp Flower
  • Premium Delta-8 THC Isolate 
  • Top Delta-8 THC Strains
  • Bulk Delta-8 Flower QPs and Pounds 
  • Trusted Hemp Retailer 
  • Third-Party Labs

Select from our catalog of wholesale bulk delta-8 THC strains to start your own hemp flower brand or add a new line of delta-8 THC strains to your retail shelves!  

Mr. Hemp Flower has years of experience in providing high-quality hemp flower and hemp flower products in the USA. 

Our network of hemp flower producers consists of the industry's best cultivators that provide consistent, strain-specific, high-quality hemp flower for our bulk delta-8 THC strains.

To view pricing for Mr. Hemp Flower’s bulk delta-8 THC strains, you must first apply for a wholesale account here

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