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Delta 8 Softgels

Delta-8 THC Is Taking Its Fair Share of the Market

Delta-8 THC has been around for a few years, but until recently its global interest was largely stable. However, around 2019, Google searches for Delta-8 THC skyrocketed by over 200% in just one year. The following year from 2020 to 2021, search inquiries for delta-8 THC surged up to over 705%. Those numbers are expected to continue climbing in the near future as delta-8 THC takes its fair share of the hemp soft gel capsules market.     If there was ever a right time to get into the delta-8 THC business it’s right now! That’s why we’ve opened up our bulk wholesale program to include delta-8 THC soft gel capsules. Make a new brand of delta-8 THC soft gels for your CBD shop, vape shop, or smoke shop, and start generating better revenue with better SKUs.

Shop Best Bulk Delta-8 THC Soft Gels 

Bulk Delta-8 THC soft gel capsules are made using premium hemp-derived delta-8 THC isolate. All of our hemp and isolate is sourced from licensed American farmers in states such as Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. All of our hemp and isolate is independently tested by third-party labs to verify the profile and potency and to ensure that it is completely free from any unwanted residual contaminants from the cultivation, extraction, or manufacturing processes. Each shipment is packaged in commercial-grade bulk containers designed to protect the potency, profile, and quality of the delta-8 THC soft gel capsules.    We take extra care with our hemp products at every step along the way to ensure they aren’t exposed to heat or light.

Unpackaged, Wholesale Delta-8 THC Soft Gel Capsules

Bulk, wholesale Delta-8 THC capsules are not packaged for retail and do not come with any labels, containers, or branding. Our bulk delta-8 THC capsules are the perfect solution to starting a new brand of delta-8 THC capsules or adding a new product to your existing wellness brand. To view pricing and quantities for our bulk delta-8 THC soft gel capsules you must first be approved for a wholesale account. To apply for a wholesale account click here.
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